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Water Repellent Coating

Confirms to BS 3826

Perma Treat -WB is a water based silicon water repellent. Perma Treat -WB can be diluted with water at different proportions before use. The surface treated with Perma Treat -WB continues the original finish to make the surfaces water repellent. At the same time do not prevent the breathing property of cementitious surfaces. Surfaces treated with Perma Treat-WB do not allow growth of algae & fungus. Hence, the construction treated with this product do not show the signs of ageing. Perma Treat-WB permits the cementitious surfaces to stay safe forever. Perma Treat-WB is used for injection grouting to arrest the rising dampness. The product is found to be an excellent mixing agent in the manufacturing of bricks and blocks.


  1. Perma Treat- WB is an excellent water repellant on block surfaces, concrete and plastered or exposed brick.
  2. Perma Treat- WB acts as a good water repellent on clay roofing tiles, tiles, and paving block.
  3. Perma Treat- WB is used as a post construction DPC against rising dampness.
  4. Perma Treat- WB  is used as a mixing agent in the manufacturing of blocks, bricks & clay tiles.



Perma Treat- WB should be diluted before applying on the surface to be treated. Dilute the product with a soft portable water and apply brush or spray on the dry vertical or inclined surfaces. Preferably, spray is better option for better insight of the surface. Keep spray concentration up to 20cms, while spraying on the surface. The product dilution rate on varied surfaces should be as follows:

  • If the available water for dilution is hard then secure soft water or soften the hardwater with EDTA (Soduim Salt of Ethylene Di-amine Tetra Acitic Acid).
  • A pinch of the chemical in a bucket of hardwater will make it soft. Treated surfaces develop water repellency only after 72 hours in hot weather.



  Dilution Perma
Treat-WB: water
Coverage/Ltr. of 
Un painted 
Plastered surface
1:15 500 sq.ft.
Concrete surface 1:10 1000 sq.ft.
Painted Surface 1:10 1000 sq.ft.
Clay tiles 1:10 1000 sq.ft.
Brick or Block work 1:20 1000 sq.ft.


For creating moist proof course to pinch the rising of wetness, expose all the bricks by removing the skirting tiles and plaster from the wall at floor slab level. Drill holes in each brick to a depth, which is equal to half of the thickness of the brick wall and fix nozzles. Dilute Perma Treat WB with water in the ratio of 1:15 and inject into each hole till sweat is observed on the surface. After all the holes are grouted plug all holes. Re-plaster the surface after one week with cement sand mortar admixed with Perma Treat- WB diluted with water 1:10 at a dosage of 5 litre per 50kg bag of cement.


Considering a 4” thick wall volume of one course of brick per running meter is 7000 cc. Porosity in this one running meter is 30% or 2100 cc . This requires roughly about 132 cc of Perma Treat per running meter of the wall. Hence the cost of material will be about Rs.40/-RM or Rs.12.5 / R feet.

For making, clay tiles, blocks, bricks, mosaic tiles etc. Dilute Perma Treat- WB with water in the proportion of 1:50 and replace 50% of gauging water with this product.

For lowering the absorbency of cement tiles, clay tiles, mosaic tiles etc., immerse them in a bath containing Perma Treat- WB diluted in the proportion of 1:100



  • Easy to use.
  • The product is water based hence no toxic hazards.
  • No solvent is required.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Treated surface can be painted over. Good penetration.
  • Tack free durable finish

When Perma Treat- WB is applied by brush or spray, it penetrates deep into the pores of the surfaces to be treated.  As a result, a thin water repellant barrier forms which does not affect the appearance of the surface.


Appearence : Straw Cloured Liquid
Colour : Clear Liquid
Odour : Cloractastic
Specific Gravity : 1.25 @250C
Solid Content w/w : 35%
Silica Content w/w : 18%
KoH Content w/w :  20%


The product is available in 1Ltr and 20 Ltr. & 200Ltr. drums.


Perma Treat- WB has self life up to one year, if stored in original packing in a cool and dry place