Product Range

Water Reducing Admixture


We at Perma constructions aid, offers a wide variety of Perma Plast, which is of superior quality admixture. It is specially developed for application in solid concrete, high performance concrete and for manufacturing of cement tiles, paver blocks etc. Being well known in that market, we can ensure that our Admixture Polymer is of high and genuine quality that can be use for construction works.

Primary Uses :

  • To increase work ability
  • To increase compressive strength
  • To effect cement economies
  • For hot weather concreting

Advantages :

  • Increase workability - significantly improves the workability therefore ease of placing
  • Improves the cohesive properties of the concrete helping to reduce segregation and bleeding
  • Reduces water demand - allows water reduction in the region of 10% to be achieved while maintaining workability, there by increasing strength, durability and impermeability
  • Enables economies in the mix designs to be achieved, therefore saving cement

Packing : Perma Plast is available in 10kg, 30 kg, 120 kg & 240 kg