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Water Proofing Chemical

Perma Eazee is a milky white, brush applied liquid coat. This liquid coat can be applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. This coating is highly flexible and UV stable.

Primary Uses :

  • Perma Eazee Coat is used for waterproofing of all types of RCC surfaces such as Parapet walls, Roofs chajjas, and External walls.
  • Asbestos cement sheet
  • Roofs canals are waterproofed using scrim cloth at the junctions, Overlaps and j-bolts as reinforcement.
  • As a damp proof course applied under the first layer of bricks or blocks in masonry works.

Advantages :

  • Eazee Coat can be applied directly from the vessel.  
  • Eazee Coat is effective to give a permanently flexible and resilient surface resistant to the different temperature ranges.
  • Eazee Coat is easy to wash with water. No cleaning solvents are required.
  • Easily brushed applied product.
  • Eazee Coat can be applied on damp surface and during rainy season.
  • Mechanical damages to the membrane can easily be repaired by spot application.
  • The membrane allows the concrete surface to breath.
  • Seamless application no joints are required.

Packing :
Perma Eazee Coat is available in 500 gm, 1.5 kg, 10kg, 15kg & 50 kg packs.