Product Range

Water Proof Coating

The product is a colourless enamel coating and is meant as a fast drying agent too. Perma Clear Seal penetrates into the pores of the material to bind the particles together in abrasive-resistant enamel and tough resilient. The product provides a protective shield on porous surfaces, which resists chemical attack and  remove dusts too.

Composition :

Perma Clear Seal comes in one pack. This colourless product gives internal strength to the building materials. The product is based on acrylic co-polymer resin and is suitable as a base for protective enamel and waterproofing masonry, vertical surfaces and used as an excellent floor sealer as well.

Advantages :

  • Integral Protection : Perma Clear Seal provides a tough and clear protection by deep penetration in the capillary structure. Failure of Perma Clear Seal will not occur through peeling of the surface coating.
  • Vapour Permeable : Perma Clear Seal permits the escape of water- vapour which could otherwise cause blistering. Also, Perma Clear Seal helps the concrete surfaces to stay safe. Although forming an enamel coating impervious to water.
  • Water : Perma Clear Seal is free from water. It means, the product can be used down to oC provided surface is frost/Ice free.
  • Economical : Perma Clear Seal is economical. It gives long Life protection at 10% of the cost of an epoxy finish.
  • Ease of application : Perma Clear Seal is easy to use and can be applied by even an unskilled labour, as it's just a brush use task.  
  • Lower Maintenance Cost : By Hardening and protecting building surfaces with a tough enamel coating, porous structures can be given a longer life and normal maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. t his applied equally to external walls and pavings.

Packing : Perma Clear Seal is available in 1 Ltr., 10 Ltr. & 20 Ltr. metal containers. Perma Clear Seal can be stored between 10 oC and 45 oC. Preferably store at below 25 oC. Keep away from sources of ignition. Keep away from food stuffs.