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Terrace Water Proofing Compound



Perma Guard is a polymer modified cementitious acrylic water proofing system, which has wide applications  in all sorts of water proofing and corrosion inhibition situations. Perma Guard contains two component materials which form a flexible membrane upon treatment surface.  

Primary use

  • Perma Guard has been found exceptionally good in following applications:
  • Perma Gaurd is effective in RCC terrace waterproofing.
  • Perma Gaurd is effective in sealing leakage through cast iron, stoneware pipes or asbestos.
  • Perma Gaurd is effective in coating on bridge girders and under deck waterproofing of bridges.
  • Perma Gaurd is effective in sealing cracks in asbestos cement sheets and sealing `J' bolt openings.
  • Perma Gaurd is effective in coating on leaky plaster surfaces.


  • When Perma Guard membrane applied on concrete surface, it allows the concrete to survive normally while waterproofing the treated area.
  • Perma guard membrane is flexible  to any deflection and minor movements of the structures.
  • Perma Guard has strong adhesion and corrosion inhibition properties.
  • Perma Gaurd is easy to use. Just mix the pre-measured and packed liquid and powder components of Perma Guard and apply brush.


Directions for use

  • Clean the area to remove all dust particles, oil, grease and any such deleterious products and wet it with water. If the surface is rough, then mix Perma Guard liquid and water in the proportion of 1:2 and  apply brush on pre wet surface.
  • Mix the powder and liquid ingredients of the product thoroughly to form a smooth consistency slurry. Avoid part mixing the ingredients of packing.
  • Apply brush coat of Perma Guard slurry on the surface to be treated.
  • Cover the treated surface immediately with cement sand 1:4 plaster and cure normally.

Mix acrylic liquid and polymer modified cement powder for obtaining a smooth consistency slurry . Apply prepared slurry on the surface by using brush and form a flexible film, which gives very strong sticky effect on the surface. This film is waterproof and resistant to chemical and pollution effect.


INGREDIENT                  PART 1             PART2
FORM                            Powder                Liquid
COLOUR                       Grey             Milky
                                     Offwhite             White
SPECIFIC GRAVITY     -                   1.02
BULK WEIGHT            1.11 kg/ltr.         -    
PHYSIOLOGICAL         Like              Like
EFFECT                      Cement        
TOXICITY                     Non                 Non   
                                     toxic              toxic


MAX. WATER PRESSURE      7 Bars + ve side
                                               6 Bars - ve side
VAPOUR PERMEABILITY       0.0991 mg/mý/hr.


Perma Guard covers 5 to 6 sq.ft. per kg.


Perma Guard is available in per-measured (Powder +liquid ) Packs of 10 kg/ltr and bulk.


Always store Perma Guard in cool and dry places. But stay away from moisture and direct sunlight contact.