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SBR Bonding Additive


We at Perma Construction Aid, provides Perma Latex, which is a milky white liquid. It is based on Styrene Butadiene rubber, and special adhesive and bonding chemicals along with hydrofluoric agents. Perma Latex gives a versatile performance in many civil engineering applications. We ensure that our SBR Bonding Additive of genuine quality for the purpose of construction works etc.

Perma Latex is a very superior quality emulsion which enhances the performance of cement mortar and concrete. Some examples from its innumerable uses are as follows:

1) An excellent product in concrete repairs as in com  bination with Cement (1:1) it produces a very strong primer and as an additive in the mortar to make strong water proof plaster.
2) An indispensable product in floor repairs. Perma Latex used in mortar as an additive to make creeds which can be feather edged and can be used successfully in restoring the nozings of floor  ducts and stairs.
3) In case of multilayered plaster Perma Latex bonding  slurry helps in building up layer after layer. The bond coat not only serves as a bonding agent but also as a water proof barrier.
4) Perma Latex modified mortars are used in joining   prefabricated members and as bedding mortar in precast block work to secure water tight joints.
5) In terrace waterproofing and patch up repairs Perma Latex forms an important member as it helps binding new plaster to old plaster and also helps in making non shrink crack free mortar for repairs.
6) With fine sand cement mortar Perma Latex is admixed to get an excellent adhesive for fixing wall panelling, stones and tiles including granite and marble tiles.
7) Cement Perma Latex slurries are used as corrosion  inhibitor on exposed reinforcements and on bridge girders to protect them from attack of chlorides and sulphates.
8) Perma Latex is used in making water proof slurries for repair of old water proofing works and water  proof mortars for new water proofing works.
9) Perma Latex is used in arresting leakages from water retaining structures whether through pipe concrete junctions or from masonary pointings.
10) Perma Latex is used in arresting leakages from over head as well as under ground potable water tanks.


1) Perma Latex is a very strong bonding agent for mortars and concrete to bind with old concrete, stone, steel, brick etc.
2) Perma Latex is a strong corrosion inhibitior. It prevents entry of chloride and sulphate ions in to the cementitious structure.
3) Perma Latex is a superior water proofing product.
4) Perma Latex is an excellent adhesive for tiles, stones marble and granite tiles.
5) It is very easy to use and is non toxic. Perma Latex poses no environmental hazards.
6) Perma Latex increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strength of concrete and mortars.
7) Perma Latex makes mortars non shrink, strong  and dust proof.
8) Where no remedy exists for saltpetre action on  walls Perma Latex modified mortar solves the  problem with ease.
9) Perma Latex is successfully used as a primer to brick bat coba systems on terraces.
10) Perma Latex is economical than many similar products yet gives multifold advantages.


1) FLOOR REPAIRS : Prepare the base and apply primer obtained by mixing cement with Perma Latex and water in the proportion of (2:1:1). When the primer is still tacky apply mortar which has Latex and water in the proportion of (1:6). For repairing floor duct edges and nozing of stairs let the primer be same but mortar to be added with Latex and water in the proportion (1:3).

2) WATER PROOF PLASTER : Mix Latex and water in the proportion of (1:6) use  this as gauging water in mortar and apply the  mortar. Should there be a need of primer use (1:4)
Latex water in cement to form a primer and brush apply this before application of plaster.

3) BINDING OLD CONCRETE TO NEW :  Use Perma Latex with cement in the proportion of 1:1 to form a thick slurry. Brush apply this slurry to the old concrete just before concreting.



1) SURFACE PREPARATION : Surfaces to receive any repair treatment should be sound free from loose particles, grease oil or any deleterious material. All loose portions should be cut back to sound concrete. Surface should be sufficiently wetted to saturation level but should be free from stagnant water.

2)  AGGREGATES : Aggregates should be clean and sound. They should be designed properly with respect to the mix as well as maximum aggregate size with respect to the thickness of concrete or mortar to be layed. In case of mortars maximum grain size of the fine aggregate should be around one fourth the  thickness of the member to be cast and it should be graded.

3)  MIXING : Mortars can be mixed manually or by machine. Dose Perma Latex with gauging water. As soon as  the mix is ready immediately empty the mixer drum. Do not leave modified mixes in mixer drum after the mixing operation is complete.

4)  APPLICATION METHOD : Application system of Perma Latex consists of applying a primer and when the primer is still tacky apply the mortar. Primer is made by mixing Perma Latex, water and cement in various proportions. The mortar consists of cement, sand water and Perma Latex in various proportions depending upon the type and area of use

Mix Latex and water in (1:1) proportion and add it to the cement sand mix. Use this mortar for fixing when the primer is still tacky.

Perma Latex and cement (1:1) to be applied on the surface of wall or concrete as well as behind marble or granite tile.

Varies depending upon the type of use. Primer covers 40 square feet per litre of Perma Latex.

Curing of the modified mortar is essential to prevent it from premature drying out. After twenty four hours of application of the mortar start curing or by very light spray for two to three days and then allow it to dry off.

One year when stored as recommended in original packing in a cool and dry palce above 5ºC.

Perma Latex is available in 1 litre, 20 litres and 100 litres packings.