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Re-Con Fibre for Concrete

Perma Re-Con Fibre are precision cut polypropylene fibers in two sizes of 6 mm and 12 mm which are used in plasters and in floor screeds to produce crack free and durable wall plasters, concrete panels and durable floor screeds. Re - Con Fibres are milky white strands of poly propylene supplied In 6mmand 12mm lengths. The smaller 6mm ones are used In plaster mixes where as the longer 12rnm ones are used In floor screeds.

Primary Uses :

Perma Re-Con Fibre are used as an additive in mortars for making crack free Internal and external plasters of buildings. Perma Re-Con Fibre are also used as an admixture in floor screed concrete for making crack free and aberration resisting floors. As a secondary reinforcement, large bays of concrete to get over surface cracks.

Advantages : 

Perma Re-Con Fibre make the plasters and screeds crack free

• Perma Re-Con Fibre improves the compressive, tensile, and flexurals strengths of mortars and screed concretes

• When used in floor screed Perma Re-Con Fibre increases the abrasive strength and hence long life of the industrial floors

• Perma Re-Con Fibre are non corrosive hence long life of plasters and screeds

Packing : 125gms and 10kg bulk pack