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Polyurethane Chemical

We at Perma Constructions are offering high quality Master Plast, which is effective to use for weather paint flooring and repair products non workable products too.  By diluting this product with solvents , it may loose its original properties. This protective coating  makes all epoxy / poly urethane based products more workable without loosing its any of the properties. This quality coating material is used in making walls, floors and other surfaces water proof, and non porous. This Master Plaster is a clear color liquid and can be available in 1 liter bottle.

1. Master Plast increases the workability of epoxy/polyurethane mortars and foundation grouts.
2. Master Plast increases the flow of self levelling epoxy / polyurethane screeds.
3. Master Plast increases the coverage of epoxy/polyurethane coatings
4. Mater Plast increases the coverage of epoxy primers and bondings agents and helps them in wetting the substrate thoroughly.

1. Master Plast is non toxic.
2. Master Plast helps the epoxy / polyurethane
coating in retaining good gloss.
3. Master Plast makes epoxy / polyurethane coating  resistant to UV rays.
4. Master Plast is easy to use.

First mix base and reactor components of the epoxy / polyurethane products and add Master Plast @ 5% to 10% by weight of the total epoxy / polyurethane base and reactor. Such addition rates are good enough to produce magical flowing properties in the system.


Colour Clear liquid
Specific Gravity 0.8
Shelf Life One Year
Packing 1 Litre aluminum bottles