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Paver Coating Chemical

Paver Coating Chemical

We at Perma Constructions Mumbai are offering superior quality Paver Coating Chemical WD, which is made effective to provide a secure coating on the surface to be applied. Being a milky white liquid, Perma Paver Coat WD can be applied neat or in diluted form on to a dry paver, stone surface and cement tiles. After applying this chemical coat, it gets absorbed by the surface deeply and forms a protective layer on the surface. Paver coating chemical product improves the aesthetic impression of the surface by leaving gloss or semi gloss to the treated surface. It gives complete resistance power to the surface against any chemical and stain attacks. This coating gives incredible strength to the surface to be applied. We have made this coating material to be applied on all kinds of surfaces and cracks to be strong.

Paver Coating Chemical Advantages :

  • Perma Paver Coat - WD penetrates the capillary structure and provides for a tough, clear protection films .
  • Perma Paver Coat - WD on curing forms a glossy files.
  • Perma Paver Coat - WD is resistant to oil, grease and stains.
  • Perma Paver Coat - WD can be applied be even unskilled laborers.


Packing : Perma Paver Coat - WD is available in 10 Ltr, 25 Ltr, and 100 Ltr HDPE Drums