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Mould Releasing Chemical

We at Perma Constructions are providing with finest quality Mould Releasing Chemical product. For instance, our best offered Perma MRA, is a useful chemical release agent that is suitable for moulds and shutters. This product gives a fair faced on concrete surfaces whenever applied. We have made this chemical items easily soluble, environment friendly and easy to use. This product is made of quality chemical material in a calculated amount as per industry norms.

Perma MRA is suitable for all types of shutters and moulds. Perma MRA can be applied to steel, timber, plywood, plastic and ruber moulds also.

Perma MRA gives very good shutter releasing properties. Other oils used in similar application penetrate into the concrete and interfere with the strength of the member. Apart from this they leave ugly stains on the concrete surface. Before subsequent finishes one needs to chemically or mechanically remove these stains and left overs of these oils. Perma MRA is designed keeping all these problems in mind and to ensure least damages to the shutters and to the concrete. Application of conventional mould releasing oils is tedious and time consuming. Perma MRA can be sprayed saving time and labour.     

When using for the first time spray Perma MRA on the shutters while erecting them, and then just before concreting. There after Perma MRA can be sprayed just after deshuttering and cleaning. During initial uses new commercial ply shutters tend to be absorbtive. Hence it is necessary that new ply shutters are sprayed just before concreting also.

Perma MRA reacts chemically with cement in such a manner that excellent release properties are imparted to the treated face of the shutters and moulds. Concrete casted with Perma MRA on the shutters has smooth, hard uniform and light coloured finish. The adhesion of subsequent finishes such as renders, paints or textured coating is unaffected by use of Perma MRA.


Specific gravity 0.85 at 20§C
Chloride Nil
Sulphates Nil
Nitrates Nil
Freezing Point minus 100C
Flash Point 600 C
Coverage 70 mý/litre on steel shutters

Low viscosity hydrocarbon vehicle blended with chemically active release agent.     

Perma MRA covers 25 to 50 mý/litre when spray applied. On new steel shutters the coverage is about 70 mý/litre. In case of plywood as well as metal shutters better coverage results are obtained by progressive use of Perma MRA. When brush applied less coverage is obtained because of evaporation losses.

Perma MRA is available in 20 Litres and 210 Litres drum.

Two years from the date of manufacture.