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Grout Admixture Powder

We at Perma Constructions are offering supreme quality Grout Admixture Powder named as Perma Grout-- 500. This product is a Grey color finest powder, which has different applications. This powder is used for expansive grouting slurry, mortars and concrete. We have made this product free from sulphate, chlorides, and nitrates, which may lower down the performance of this item. Perma Grout has applications to fill porous surfaces and give protection against any cracks on concrete surface or fill it completely.


Perma Grout - 500 is an admixture for grouting Cement slurries, grouting mortars and non shrink concrete. Perma Grout - 500 is a free flowing grey powder especially designed for cable duct grouting in post tensioned bridge griders, injection grouting of porous concrete in structural rehabilitation works and in infil mortars in filling and sealing cut outs, recesses and foundation pockets.

1) Perma Grout - 500 when admixed with cement  imparts an expansion of 6% in cement slurries. This expansion ensures proper contact and good adhesion of the slurries with inner surfaces of the pocket to be grouted.
2) Perma Grout - 500 imparts free flowing properties  in cement slurries and mortars. This property is extremely essential in any grouting situation.
3) Perma Grout - 500 imparts high early and ultimate strengths to grouting slurries, mortars & concrete.
4) Perma Grout - 500 improves the quality of grouting material.
5) Perma Grout - 500 is free from metallic iron chlorides, sulphates and nitrates.

Perma Grout-500 is added to the dry ingredients and mixed well before addition of water.
TYPICAL mixes for various applications are as follows:


For cable duct grouting

Ordinary portland cement 50 kgs
Perma Grout - 500 500 gms
Water 15 to 18 litres
Volume 0.035 m3
7 days comnpressive 300 kg/cmý strength
28 days compressive 400 kg/cmý strength


To be used as Infil mortar in structural recesses and pockets to back fill cut outs.

Ordinary portalnd cement 50kgs
Zone II Sand  50kgs
Perma Grout - 500 500 gms
Water  15 to 18 litres
Yield 0.056


Cement 50 kgs
Sand 100 kgs
Aggregates  200 kgs
Perma Grout  500  15 to 18 litres
Yield 0.056 m3


1) All grouting products exhibit the properties when used in restrained conditions. When used in open areas or shallow pockets where depth is less than its width the unrestrained expansion causes surface cracks and results in very low compressive strengths.
2) Perma grout - 500 should be used at a dosage of 500 gms or less per 50 kg bag of cement. Higher  dosages will led to poor strength and result in setting problems.
3) In cable duct grouting the slurry should be pumped at a pressure of 0.3 MPA continuously till completion. The grout should flow at a speed of 5 to 10 meters per minute.

Strictly Perma Grout - 500 gms per 50 kg bag of cement. Dosage not to be exceeded except under special circumstances or under the guidance of Perma technical staff.

500 gms and 10 kgs sack.

One year from the date of manufacture, if stored in cool and dry conditions