Product Range

Epoxy Tile Joint Mortar

R-Tone Filler
We at Perma Constructions are offering best quality Epoxy Tile Joint Mortars for variety of tile joining works. For instance, our R-Tone Filler is a quality product that is an admix of three component epoxy resin based mortar, which is used for filling joints between acid proof tiles in the industrial floors. Perma R-Tone Filler gives germ proof, hard wearing, chemical resistant and permanent joints for variety of industrial floor tiles. This product gives a smooth, dust free and hygienic floor tile joints. Our wide range of tile joint mortars are useful to fix all sorts of tiles used in different industries.

Primary Uses :
Perma R-Tone Filler is used for grouting of industrial tile joints and joints between mandana stones, kota stones, and joints of antacid proof flooring materials, strong and chemical resistant properties are required.

Typical Applications :
Perma R-Tone Filler is made effective to use in the floor tile or stone joints in: factories, operation theaters, laboratories, showrooms, agriculture a building, bakeries, super markets, chemical plants, butting plants, power station, warehouse, breweries, garages, machine shops, dairies, hospitals, refineries, subway, surgical treatment plants and many other industrial and commercial applications.

Advantages :

  • High compressive, flexible and tensile strengths in excess of concrete.
  • Perma R-Tone Filler is available in range of attractive colors-Brown, Green, Blue, Grey, etc.
  • Chemical resistant and waterproof.
  • Non-dusting and Hygienic
  • It does not support bacterial growth.
  • Epoxy based, supplied in per-weighted units.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.