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We at Perma Constructions are offering highly effective Master Pitch, which is an admix of two component liquid epoxy resins that are modified with refined coal tar pitch. This product comes with glossy, smooth and black color appearance. This Master Pitch has quality adhesion property and is resistant to chemical resistance, and water to provide high level coating strength to the concrete, metal, and other cementitious surfaces. This coating provides ultra dense coating to protect surfaces against leaky or wetness. Using this pitch does not allow growth of bacteria. Making surface hard and crack proof, apply this Master Pitch coating to experience ultimate protection of surface from any sorts of chemicals, salt, dust or dirt. Our wide range of master pitch can be available in different kg packs.

Master Pitch is used to provide a heavy duty protective, waterproof, and flexible coating. Uses include, the lining of tanks, pipes and ducting. Coating concrete, asbestos cement, steel pipes and non ferrous metals, concrete roofs, floor ducts, drainage trenches. Master Pitch is particularly suitable for use in sewerage work application and in offshore or marine environments.

1) No primer required.
2) High build coating.
3) Easy application : brush, roller, spray.
4) Economical.
5) Excellent chemical resistance to aqueous media.

Surface Preparation :
As with all epoxy resin systems, surface preparation has a direct effect on the performance and durability of the system. Surface to be coated should be sound, dimensionally stable, clean, free from laitence, paint oil, grease, mould release agent and residual curing compound. Concrete must be fully cured. Grit blasting, acid etching or mechanical scabbling may be necessary to ensure full removal of cement laitence and deleterious matter. Metal surfaces should be prepared by blast cleaning.


Pot Life 200C    60MIN
300C    45MIN
400C    20MIN
Tack Free Time 200C    6 Hours
300C    3 Hours
400C    2 Hours
Initial Cure Within 24 hours when temperatures are within above range.
Full Chemical Resistance Within 7 days

Master Pitch is supplied in pre-weighed units. Mix the base and reactor components separately for 1-2 minutes, using a slow speed high torque drill with suitable paddle attachment. Add the contents of the reactor container to the larger base container ensuring to fully drain the contents. Mix the base and reactor components together for 2-3 minutes. Pay particular attention to the side and bottom of the container. When a uniform streak free mix is achieved Master Pitch is ready for use.

Master Pitch can be applied by brush or short hair roller Brush/Roller application. Apply the mixed material to a properly prepared substrate using a brush or short hair roller. The use of a painters tray is essential to extend the pot life and correctly meter the material on to the brush or roller. Apply in two coats.

Cured coating is resistance to: Distilled water, Brine, Effluent, Barnacle growth, Sewage, Exhaust gases, Marine Bacteria, Diluted Acids and Alkalis, Salt, Solutions (Potassium, Sodium).

No additions or ommissions are required and on no account should attempts be made to split packs. Unsuitable in situations where food stuffs or potable water will be in contact with the coating.

Coverage is dependent on porosity and surface texture of substrate. 1 kg covers 12m2 per Coat,
8m2 for two coats. Two Coats DFT 120 microns.

Master Pitch should be handled carefully.Use of mask and hand gloves recommended.     

2kg, 20kgs. and 40kgs packing of equal quantities of base and reactor.

Atleast 6 months when stored unopened in dry, cool conditions.