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Elastromeric Coating

Ordinary exterior emulsions cannot protect external walls from patches of dampness, algae and fungus caused by rains. these emulsions cannot protect the walls from atmospheric carbonation which causes dark patches on the surface and its penetration inside causes corrosion of steel. Perma Unicoat is specially formulated to give long lasting protection and beautiful looks.

Advantages : Perma Unicoat is composed of elastic latex polymers hence bridges hairline cracks it is water resistant - does not absorb any water nor does it allow any water or dampness to penetrate the masonry special paint preservatives are incorporated to fight fungus and algae growth polymer enriched formulation to give shine unblemished finish year after yearonce coated Perma Unicoat lasts for year together. there is no need to coat year after year.

Packing : 1kg, 4kg, 15kg & 50kg