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Concrete Floor Hardware

Even the best concreted industrial floors loose their looks because of surface weakness and dusting. A small care such as use of a dust proofer and floor hardner on new floor at a very nominal cost ensures long life and good looks of an industrial floor. Perma Floor Seal is a micro crystalline powder which is diluted with water and applied on the floors to get the desired dust proof and healthy performance of floors.

To make the floor surface hard durable and dust proof. Suitable for:
1) Factory floors
2) Garages
3) Industrial units
4) Warehouses and transit sheds
5) Generator rooms

Both new as well as old floors can be treated with Perma Floor Seal. Perma Floor Seal makes the surface strong and durable. Perma Floor Seal makes the surface dust proof. There is no need for surface preparation and curing. The floor can be open to traffic even during treatment. It improves chemical resistance of the floor.

Perma Floor Seal is applied on cleaned concrete floors in three coats with 12 hours intervals between coats.
1) Dissolve 1 kg of Perma Floor Seal crystals in 6 litres of water and apply by brush mop or just flood the surface.
2) After 12 hours dissolve 1 kg of Perma Floor seal Crystals in 3 Litres of water and apply as stated above.
3) After 12 hours repeat operation (2) above.
4)  After 12 hours clean the surface with clean water and put it to use.

Perma Floor Seal crystals when dissolved in water and applied on concrete surface, the solution penetrates deep into the concrete through the capillaries and reacts with calcium oxide in cement to form non soluble crystals. These crystals effectively block the capillaries and effectively fill up all the surface pores making the whole concrete dense. This minimises penetration of chemical spillages etc. into concrete thus making it weak. The pore blocked surface becomes dust free.     COVERAGE
1st Coat 250 gms/100 sq/ft. subsequent coats 400 gms/100 sq/ft. For three coats 1kg covers 100 sq./ft.

Perma Floor Seal produces a strong alkaline solution. Eyes and skin should be protected from splashing. Contact with skin should be washed with plenty of water. If eyes are affected clean with adequate running water and seek medical help. During treatment hand gloves and gum boots are recommended.

Perma Floor Seal is supplied in 25 kgs HDPE sack.

Two years if kept in cool and dry conditions.